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Experiences from Denmark


A Strategic Approach to Health Promotion across Municipal Departments

Health promotion applies to all aspects of people's daily lives: everywhere we live, work, go to school, do leisure activities or move around in public space. A wide variety of departments need to be involved in the health promotion task at the regional or municipal level. This document presents the essential points of attention concerned implementation of health strategies across municipal departments. The document is relevant to anyone facing the challenge of interdepartmental strategy implementation at the regional or municipal level within health or other areas.

Public Health Competence Mapping Tool

The report covers experience gathered through development and pilot testing of the public health competence mapping tool. The tool uses the Dahlgren & Whitehead model of health and the Canadian set of core public health competencies and introduces a scoring system for self-assessment of competencies in individual health determinant fields. Testing was completed in three rounds and results confirm a need for such a tool. More research on internal and external validity of the scoring system is needed.

Dialogue Tool This document shows the way the dialogue tool was used in the Danish partnership
Health Barometer

The health barometer was used as a reflection method in the Danish partnership. The document describes how

Scenario Planning

The scenario planning model was adapted into Danish conditions. This document describes the Danish use of the model.

Working Partnerships The region of Schleswig Holstein wanted a simple description of the use of the scenario planning model as inspiration. This document contains this description
Anchoring and Change

Description of a model of phases in processes of change in understanding the project process used by the Danish partnership

Consultant's Model

Description of a consultant’s model as a syntheses of the work with the Healthy Regions project

Project and process