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Experiences from Italy


Dialogue tool

The version of the tool containing definitions adapted to the Italian context, elaborated by the Italian working group and revised by the Collaborating Partners.

Milestones A simple overview to summarize the tools used in the Veneto Region practical experience and the corresponding outcomes.
Partner Profile

A short presentation of the Regional Programme for Health Promotion: the instrumental office - part of the Regional Public Health System - participating in the Healthy Regions project on behalf of Veneto Region.

The Veneto Region Model

A clear description of the regional model for Health Care and Social Policies of the Vento Region and its challenges.

The Working Partnership A short description in Italian language of this tool, resulted from the Verona Benchmark piloting, that can be useful to create new partnerships or improve the quality of the cooperation in working groups.
Health Strategy - Literature Review

A useful review of the literature about the concept of Health Strategy. Itwas carried out by the Veneto Region working group, at the beginning of the Healthy Region project.

Dissemination Regional and national level.
Veneto Region From our official web site.
Procedure Protocol This Protocol is the result of the work of Veneto Region. Inside it you will find a set of guidelines describing how the tools of the project were used in our Region. We hope this document can give inspiration to solicit fruitful discussion between social actors involved in the decision making process about health so as to make a region a "Healthy Region".

Project and process