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Experiences from Sweden


Final Report The Final Report of the Healthy Regions Project from Östergötland-Örebro, Sweden.
Summary of results

A summary of the Healthy Regions project's results 2007 - 2010 in Swedish.

Interim Report The Interim Report of the Healthy Regions project from Östergötland-Örebro, Sweden – May 2009
Project Catalogue - English

A selection of methods, projects and working methods within the public health sector from the municipalities and County Council of Östergötland, Sweden.

Project Catalogue - Swedish A selection of methods, projects and working methods within the public health sector from the municipalities and County Council of Östergötland - in Swedish.
HR Dance Project

“ The Dance project” is a research study about dance as a way to improve mental health for adolescent girls. Stress and psychosomatic symptoms are increasing among teenage girls. This project shows that Dance can be a suitable intervention for adolescent girls and why. The aim is to evaluate if creative dance twice weekly can influence girls´wellbeing. Project period: May 2008 to June 2011.

Ecce Homo “Ecce homo”  - this is an on-going project that combines art and art exhibitions with lectures concerning culture and health. It is a cross-over project focusing on the human being and offers opportunities for reflections, discussions and debate.
Intercultural Meeting “Intercultural meetings” is a pilot project on a small scale.  The overall objective was to offer complementary language training for recently employed doctors and dentists from abroad working within the Örebro County council. We wanted to try out a method; would cultural activities deepen and improve your ability to communicate, with regard to both patients and collegues.
How to create a process A process to achieve political unity with all the public actors – municipalities, county council and regional development council - how to get a structure of the work with public health.
A Healthier Municipality A Healthier Municipality is a special project in the Municipality of Ödeshög to inspire the citizens to attain a healthier lifestyle.
Successful Integration

A folder about regional cooperation for newly arrived immigrants´ establishment in Swedish society – a part of regional development in Östergötland, Sweden

Regional Development Plan A regional plan to describe the regions vision to be a dynamic region offering a excellent quality of life.
Public Health Policy Östergötland Public Health Policy for Östergötland 2011-2014. Together in Östergötland we shall develop management, knowledge and methods regarding public health policy to achive our vision.
Public Health Political Program - summary A summary of Östergötland’s Public Health Political Programme 2001-2010 - Using the Power of Health towards a Full Life
Public Health Political Program - Swedish Östergötland’s Public Health Political Programme 2001-2010 in Swedish
Goals for Improved Public Health in Sweden

This presentation describes the public health strategies in Örebro County 2003-2011. The Regional Public Health Strategy is to support good and equal health through durable collaboration within partnerships. The public health work is based on the social determinants of health and aims for the promotion of everybody’s right to a good health and quality of life. The health of children and young people is a priority. Örebro County Council has agreements with the municipalities to work with public health issues. Örebro Country Council also has agreements with primary health care, sports associations and study associations.

Study trip to UK South West - report  

Project and process