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Framework Paper  
Policy Recommendations The healthy regions project identified a short list of recommendations, which are based on the practical experiences that the partners gained through out the project period and especially through the trial out phase, where the partners worked with the tools and collaborated closely with relevant regional stakeholders.
Healthy Regions Concept The idea of the Healthy Regions Concept is basically to see HEALTH as an investment and a prerequisite for innovation and development. The Concept is designed as a triangle in order to show the three sides of priority areas; 1) The institutional capacity to work with health promotion as a strategic priority area because it is cheaper to prevent than to treat, 2) Innovation, employment and growth can be created in the health sector if we look at health as an investment and 3) Promoting good health is a multi stakeholder process, where interventions have to be implemented in different settings.
Dialogue Tool The Dialogue Tool has been created as a tool that can kick-start a regional development process, focusing on health as a strategic development area. The tool can be used to create a common understand of the development potentials or create a structured dialogue between e.g. the political and the practical level working with health in order to match expectations for the future.
Scenario Planning Manual The Scenario Planning Manual was developed within the “Regional Key Competencies Project” that was a Social Fund Project, leading to the Healthy Regions Project. This tool can also be used to kick start a regional development process, and can assist regional actors to structure the dialogue and think “out of the box” for a moment.
Scenario Planning Report As a part of the Healthy Regions project, the partners carried out a scenario planning workshop during the partner meeting in UK. Look how “thinking out of the box” can provide good ideas and positive scenarios of the future, and how sticking to what we have always done, give limited development oriented images of the future.
Swedish Film Production In order to document their activities in the project, the Swedish partnership has chosen to produce a film. Look here and see how they managed, through the healthy Regions Project, to get much more political focus on health as a development area and become heavily involved in the political process, when a new public health policy was developed.
A Strategic Approach to Health Promotion Across Municipal Departments Health promotion applies to all aspects of people's daily lives: everywhere we live, work, go to school, do leisure activities or move around in public space. A wide variety of departments need to be involved in the health promotion task at the regional or municipal level. This document presents the essential points of attention concerned implementation of health strategies across municipal departments. The document is relevant to anyone facing the challenge of interdepartmental strategy implementation at the regional or municipal level within health or other areas.
Mapping Tool The mapping tool is developed by University of Southern Denmark. The objective of the tool is to assess the local or regional health authority’s health competencies, such as analytic skills, planning, programming & evaluation, and skills in relation to the creation of local – and / or regional partnerships.
Traffic Light Matrix

The Traffic Light Matrix is a tool that focuses on the links between a specific sector and it’s strategic importance for the region. Originally this tool was developed in East Midlands. During the Healthy Regions project, the tool has been adapted to focus specifically on the health sector and it’s level of investment, employment and other economical issues.

Pilot Project Template This template was developed to gather structured information about the pilot projects that were carried out during the lifetime of the project. The template provides factual information but does also focus on how and what others can learn from pilot projects that have already been tested and sometimes even evaluated.
Project Catalogue All partners have identified and carried out a number of pilot projects during the Healthy Regions Project. The projects have been grouped in three general themes being; 1) Health within Children, Young People and their families, 2) Health in Schools and 3) Health in municipalities, focusing mainly on groups of adults.

Project and process