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Experiences from the UK


Boorman NHS The Department of Health commissioned Dr Steve Boorman to undertake a review of the health and wellbeing of National Health Service (NHS) workforce. This reports provides recommendations that are important and can deliver change.
Dame C Black Report This report tackles the issues of the relationship between poor and good health and being in and remaining in employment.  Dame Carol Blacks’ report makes a number of recommendations to the British Government of ways to improve the health of Britain’s working age population.
Governments Response to Black Review

This report responds to the recommendations made by Dame Carol Black regarding the good health for the working age population in Great Britain and explains how the Government (through government departments) will support individuals, healthcare professionals and employers through a number of initiatives.

Briefing for Healthy Public Policy Briefing paper prepared for the UK Stakeholder group meeting in December 2008. It summarises the Healthy Regions concept for in the context of Public Health in the South West.
UK Mapping Summary

The summary findings from the mapping exercise carried out by the Healthy Regions ‐ South West, UK Steering Group.

Procedure Protocol Profile Description of how the South West partnership worked with the tools in the project.
Stakeholder Event Report Report from the stakeholder group held in December 2008.
Review Health and Economic Growth This literature review explores the information available throughout the world that relates to health and economic growth – the impact that good and poor health has on economic growth and how the economic growth in a country can impact on its citizens’ health.  The final part of the review focuses on the South West of England and puts the effects of health and economic growth into a local context.
NICE guidance list for web

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence produces national guidance on promoting good health and preventing and treating ill health.
This includes a number of guidance for public health areas and is based on a variety of evidence that is gathered. 

Healthy Schools Plus SW - Case Study

Examples and results from the Healthy Schools Plus programme in the South West.

Healthy Schools Plus - Reporting Template

Template developed by the SW partnership for use by the Healthy Schools plus coordinator to collect evidence from the participating schools.

Healthy Schools Plus

If you want details of what schools have to do, information sheets focusing on specific issues such as 'healthy weight' initiatives or case studies of what has happened, please click on the link.

Newsletter - September 2010 Wellbeing @Work South West
Newsletter - June 2010 Wellbeing @Work South West

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