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Welcome to the Healty Regions website
The site, which has been made possible through financial support from the European Public Health Programme, is designed to be of particular value if you are working within health and health promotion in a local or regional authority and wanting to work more strategically. ... .... [expand] [contract]

The Healthy Regions Concept
The Healthy Regions Concept is based on the innovative approach that has been the starting point of the project. This sees health as a long-term investment and not simply as a cost. It emphasises that health and regional development should be seen as interacting, instead of distinct and separate. ... .... [expand] [contract]

The Healthy Regions project has developed a toolbox which can help you to kick-start and manage a strategic health process in your region. The aim of this is to give inspiration, recommendations and clarification on how to use the tools to develop discussion between social actors involved in the decision-making process about health, [expand] [contract]

Practical experiences
Regions from six different countries participated in the Healthy Regions project and this section is devoted to the presentation of good practice and practical examples from these regions - profiling how they have used the tools and methodologies that the project has produced. [expand] [contract]

Experiences from Belgium


Process and people

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